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Would you like to find out what Czechs really eat? You are definitely not interested in instant and unified tourist restaurants with the same atmospehre and taste all around the globe? Then visit our family restauraunt and try our original and traditional Czech Cuisine in an extraordinary and exceptional surrounding. We server home-made goulash with dumplings with cold and refreshing „Pilsner Urquell” or delicious Moravian wine. During the winter days you can sit close to our fireplace, during hot summer days you can enjoy our flower garden. Our cheerful and jolly staff is always ready for you.

Our old stylish family restaurant is located in a Renaissance-style building nearby world-famous Charles Bridge. Its interior is exquisitely furnished in simple antique style and fitted with historic tiles. Our visitors may make themselves comfortable in the light and the warmth of the fire burning in our fireplace and, in the summer they can sit outside in the blossoming garden. Our chefs will prepare for you appetising Czech traditional dishes as well as a wide assortment of salads using top quality ingredients. In case you have any special requests, they will be more than glad to help you fulfil them.

We are looking forward to your visit.

For reservations call +420 257 533 142
Seats approx. 50 persons
Outdoor garden in the summer